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Name:Princess Marina of Atlantis / Aquagirl

Adventures of the Teenage Tempest


Marina was born into royalty, as the princess of Atlantis. Her father, Arthur, was King of Atlantis, as well as Aquaman, a member of the Justice League of America. Her mother, Mera, was Queen of Atlantis, and was gifted with a good many powers herself. She also has an older brother – Arthur Jr.

As a baby, Marina was kidnapped by the Deep Six – humanoids who served Darkseid. Darkseid wanted Marina to be raised by Granny Goodness in her orphanage, and then to be trained as one of Apokolips’ Female Furies. Arthur managed to save his daughter, and then he never took his eyes off of her again. No matter where she went, he always kept his eye on her so that nothing horrible would befall her again. Granted, Marina tried her hardest to escape Arthur’s watchful eye, as any teenage girl would. For example, there were the boys that she dated. Then there was the surface world, which Marina developed a heavy fascination with.

On one of her many trips to the surface, Marina saved Warhawk from Kanjar Ro…and became enamoured by him. She started visiting the surface world more and more frequently. Arthur was displeased to hear of Marina’s frequent visits to the surface world, and so he gave her an ultimatum. She was to choose either Atlantis or the surface world. Marina joined the Justice League soon after, and has not spoken to her father since.

Since becoming a member of the Justice League, Marina has proved herself to be a worthy superheroine, proving to be warm, open, compassionate, and strong. She was one of the only ones to welcome the second Batman into the Justice League, showing minimal hostility. She helped save Superman from being controlled by Starro - an aquatic alien starfish with telepathic powers.

Powers & Abilities

Marina can breathe underwater and is a speedy, graceful swimmer. She possesses superhuman strength. Marina can communicate telepathically with undersea life, including alien life-forms who come from underwater environments, such as Starro. It's an ability she inherited from her father. Because of her telepathic powers, Aquagirl appears to be more sympathetic than any of her comrades from her native home, even though it can also reflect naivete on her part. She also has telekinetic control over water - hydrokinesis - including the ability to change the temperature of and increase the density of water within her immediate vicinity for a wide variety of effects. This ability allows her to create "hard water" objects, reshaping volumes of water into weapons, simple geometric shapes, and other things. It's an ability she usually only uses in battle.


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